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The Moroccan Antilles!

Do you know where Dakhla is and what you can find there? Heaven.

Dahkla is situated on the Atlantic Sahara coast, in the extreme south of Morocco. Called “the Moroccan Antilles”, it is a city set among the sandy dunes on the edge of a magnificent turquoise waters’ lagoon. Called by the Spanish “Cisneros Villa” in 1884, Dakhla is one of the bases of the Aéropostale and transatlantic flights crossing the South Atlantic. Antoine de Saint Exupery stayed here and probably wrote some parts of "The Little Prince ". Dakhla Bay is considered one of the most beautiful surf spots of the world, ideal for all the water sports... but also for all the ones on its sandy dunes! All the excursionist and those who love fishing will find their paradise here! The wind sings on the lagoon, the waves caress the coast, and the flamingos cross the waters at sunset!

Royal Air Maroc flight, from Casablanca or Agadir. The international airport can be found in the city center. 
Every Friday the flight from Agadir leaves at 4h50 PM and arrives at 6h30 PM.
Every day the flight from Casablanca leaves at 8h30 PM and arrives at 10h50 PM.

-    Its nature: 
It hosts thousands of migratory birds, among which colonies of flamingos, and also a huge population of monk seals. Its waters are also populated by dolphins. The magnificent Sarga Point in the southern extremity of the peninsula is one of the recommended sites.
-    Fishing:
The Rio de Oro lagoon is one of the richest fishing areas in the world. The local star is the Surf casting umbra: that means fishing on the shore, catching fishes up to 2 meters and 80 kilos. There are also many liches, sea breams, eels... and other fishes in abundance to satisfy every appetite...
-    Surf - Kitesurf - Windsurf:
You can have fun with surf, windsurf and kitesurf. There are currently 5 of aquatic sport schools that receive every year a total of 3.000 athlete-tourists. The city has lived a rebirth in 2003, with the appearance of the Kite surf. Since then, its fame is amplified thanks to the enthusiasm of artists and journalists that have taken part to the "Sea and Desert Festival". 
-    Excursions and 4x4 excursions: 
To discover the desert we propose 4x4 excursions with driver and different tours of 1 or 2 days. We can’t miss the oysters agricultural firm, for an appetizer on the white dunes, oysters and white wine!
-    Herne Island:
Often called the island of the dragon, it is isolated but accessible afoot with the low tide, the island is also known for the beautiful and big shells that can be found along the beach. 
-    The White Dune:
This is another unmissable stop; it deals with an interesting natural phenomenon of the dunes, set at the center of the lagoon, one of the flamingos’ favorite meeting points.
-    The Asna source:
It is a well from which underground sulfuric water gushes out at 40° C; we can have a good time taking a shower: water has excellent dermatological virtues.
-    The oyster:
For three years Dakhla oysters have beaten all of their competitors, thanks to their superior quality, and the lagoon which allows a 3-times faster growth.

Dakhla can be found on the Tropic of the Cancer, 1700km south of Casablanca. It is the most south of the peninsula, and contains the famous bay of Oued Ed-Dahab.
The climate is tropical dry, the temperature ranges from 22 to 25° C during the whole year, the sand is white, and the Tourism Office has baptized it “the Moroccan Antilles”.

The Maroc-experience organizes stays for a minimum of 3 nights in different structures according to the demands:
-    Private transfers from/for the airport always included.
-    Hotels with b&b, half-board or full-board formula.
-    Daily excursions with private driver and car 

LUX STYLE: “Calipau Sahara Palais & Hotel", 5-star hotel with private beach and sea-water swimming pool; "Buenavista Hotel" 4-star hotel.
SUPERIOR STYLE: "Ocean Vagabond Dahkla" Eco surf Hotel - in the context of the Club Mistral: surf/kitesurf/windsurf camp-school.
STANDAR STYLE:  "Dahkla sprit lagoon camp" Boungalow and traditional Moroccan curtains on the lagoon.


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